Neighbors and friends, I am proud to announce my official candidacy as an independent candidate for the Office of the Governor of the State of Illinois.

I am a teacher by trade, and I currently work in a Chicago Public School in Logan Square, while also serving in the Marine Corps Reserve. Between my commitment to my students and my Marines, I certainly do not have the means or the time to launch a full-fledged campaign. I have neither wealth nor clout. What I do have though, is an unparalleled drive to reform our State’s government. I firmly believe that by rededicating ourselves to the principles of our democratic Republic we can make Illinois a more attractive and welcoming place to call home, for individuals, families and business alike.

Election campaigns should not consume every second of our time and every cent of our paycheck. For this reason, I am running as an independent candidate. I do not expect people to donate their money. All I ask, if you support me, is to spread the word and vote for me on election day when you vote. Aside from that, focus your time and money on your family, your profession, and your community (in lieu of campaign donations, I encourage you to donate to the Salvation Army).

I am running for Governor based on the principle that character, judgement, and leadership should be the defining factors of an election, not the size of your purse or the depth of your clout. If we are a “government of the people, by the people, for the people” then why do we, especially in the Land of Lincoln, reserve our elected positions for the political and financial elite of our country? If we are such a government, why does the premise of a public school teacher running for governor or any other public office seem so preposterous?

Well my friend, I do not believe it is preposterous, because we are such a government. However, we as voters have just been too complacent within the two-party system. I seek to break that complacency. Let us re-avow and rededicate ourselves to a government of the people, by the people, for the people, where we choose candidates of high moral-fiber who have the intestinal fortitude to uphold honesty and integrity above personal gain. I may be idealistic, but that is exactly how our founding fathers secured the blessings of liberty for themselves and their posterity: they dared to defy the status quo, they dared to strive for their ideals. Why have we stopped? Why have we allowed our complacency as voters to transform our State into a government of the government, by the government, for the government?

As governor, I promise to the People of Illinois that the common good of our State will always be my first priority; that I will uphold the highest degree of honesty and integrity in all that I do.  I will listen to both sides of the aisle and use reason and logic to filter out partisanship. I will surround myself with experienced, non-partisan subject matter experts to guide my decisions. I will fight for election reform and term limits in order to promote more competitive elections and greater political participation. Most importantly however, I will give you a governor you can trust in to do the right thing.

A better Illinois starts with a better government.

I have led students through the annals of history, government, philosophy, and religion. I have led Marines and Sailors on three continents in various capacities, and if you will allow me, I will lead Illinois to a brighter future. If you dare to dream with me- dare to reinvest integrity into our State Government- then I dare you to rise above the choice between two polished party candidates. I dare you to vote KEVIN D. RYAN for the Office of Governor of Illinois on November 6th, 2018.
Real change can only start with people like you and me. Let’s make it happen.
Respectfully submitted,
Kevin D. Ryan

Independent for Illinois




“Choose an independent path”

I have never met a more capable person!

A big fan of yours

This man certainly embodies the spirit of the Man in the Arena! I fulsomely support this endeavor!  -Teddy

Hats off to you!